A Heart for Men and A Calling to Shepherd

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If you represent a group of men and you’ve surveyed the spiritual landscape in your fellowship and are open to real change, perhaps you and your men are ready for a Awakened Christian Man retreat experience! These retreats will help refocus leadership, reinvigorate the laity, and awaken and reconnect all to a new and challenging vision that will help them run in the great adventure of the Christian faith!

Michael prefers to begin the training and equipping of men through the avenue of weekend [men’s/leadership] retreats, because he believes it takes time to plant seeds that will lead to real change. Teaching without leading is what has resulted in our present condition, and weekend retreats provide the minimal amount of time required to not only teach, but to begin to set an example of a different track for men to run on. Mike is currently offering three retreats: one for beginning on a new track, one for enhancing personal spiritual growth, and one heightening and maintaining the mental and spiritual state of our men.


At this ACM weekend, Michael walks both men and leadership thorough the precepts found in his Voice in the Wilderness podcast series, and his soon-to-be-published book, Hidden in a Prayer based upon the Lord’s Prayer leading to lifestyle change. Here, both leadership and laity will experience:

  • Break-out sessions for leadership to awaken them to begin moving forward with their responsibilities to become good shepherds under the John 15 model.
  • Break-out sessions for the sheep to awaken and call them to personal responsibility, stir their spirits, encourage their participation in the great adventure, get them thinking about how employing their critical giftedness in a positive way can impact the body for good, and how their absence has an opposite negative effect.
  • Joint sessions to awaken all to the historic failings of a societal structure and temple religious system now holding them down, to open lines of communication between leadership and laity, get everyone on the same page, and help all understand how employing Jesus’ John 15 model can unlock the gates to the dormant potential that waits to be freed so all can run together!
  • A Saturday afternoon they’ve probably never experienced at a men’s retreat.
  • Follow up consulting and leadership training back at home to establish your body under the model of shepherds and sheep, and to begin moving towards and outward-focused community of believers.*


            At this weekend Michael will share what he believes to be the single most powerful discipline a man can engage in to instill passion, purpose, and a healthy fear of God in his faith life: Praying the Psalms. Through employing his devotional series, Praying Today’s Psalms, men can overcome many of the Old Covenant stumbling blocks to praying the Psalms, and enter into God’s presence through the unique book of the Bible that invites him into a personal relationship between Himself and men with “hearts after His own.” At this retreat, we will:

  • Join together in praying, and discussing the power of praying, the Psalms
  • Come to understand why the Psalms are unique in all of the scriptures
  • Seek depth in our prayer lives, our communion with God, and in our fellowship with one another through their pages
  • Discuss the vital importance of restoring a healthy fear of God in our lives, and how praying the Psalms can aid in that process
  • Discuss the inescapable callings this discipline places upon a man’s heart
  • Discuss what consistent internal disciplines can do to foster a likewise consistent externally focused life.


If you’re ready to take any men’s fellowship to an entirely new level of depth and unity, then you’re ready to experience the greatest gift God ever gave for accomplishing just that purpose—a weekend featuring Communion as you’ve never experienced it before. At his Lost Supper weekend, Michael dives in to the biblical model of both Old Testament and Jesus’ Passover, and walks with you through the single most transforming ceremony given the church. Here men and leadership will experience:

  • A small group Communion encounter based upon Michael’s book, The Lost Supper
  • An understanding of the incredible power of Communion to heal and restore that is simply not available to God’s people in any other discipline or ritual, and how that power has been lost through the way most fellowships partake now
  • A model that can easily be brought back to your fellowship and practiced on a regular basis to confront sin and superficiality, restore reality, heal souls, and bond brothers in love and unity like no other single experience.

*RECONNECTING CONSULTS [John 15 weekend follow up]

Michael prefers involvement to continue beyond the weekend. “Guest speakers” who teach without leading are setting the wrong example, and Michael’s commitment is to do all possible to help you be successful in establishing a new and balanced model of teaching and shepherding when you return home. To help you accomplish this goal, He will:

  • Return with you for a two day consult back at your fellowship, where he will work with leadership to move forward on your new track.
  • Conduct interviews with your current leadership team, and suggest where changes may need to be made.
  • Help you begin to network with churches, para-church organizations, and individuals around the country that can help you establish externally focused ministries in your community, and help mentor you through the process.
  • Gather your new leadership team for a final night of encouragement, prayer, and Q&A.

Consults are available prior to or without weekend retreats as well.


Mike will be flexible with fees, depending upon the financial abilities of the congregation. He prefers to stay with a host family from the church to keep your costs down. All travel and trip expenses will need to be paid. Requested fees are:

  • Weekend retreat: $1,000.00
  • 2 Day follow up consult [John 15 weekend]: $500.00
  • 6 month consults [weekend retreat included]: $2,000.00