A Heart for Men and A Calling to Shepherd

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Any mission from God must contain core beliefs upon which it was founded. The Awakened Christian Man holds true, as its foundation, the following precepts:

  • God created men to be His “Vicars,” or representatives, on this earth. He created them to lead and expand His kingdom.
  • The fall of man and woman in the Garden of Eden was due to Adam’s apathy and abandonment of his post, when he stood side by side with Eve as she was deceived and did nothing. This is still his inherited curse today.
  • The enemy here in America has sent a “perfect storm” against the sons of Adam in the form of a society that pampers him, and a religious model that fails to challenge him. This environment plays perfectly to his curse, and keeps him asleep to the life God has for him and ineffective in the kingdom of heaven on earth. But he must see and understand it before he can fight it.
  • Jesus encountered a temple worship religious system when He came to earth we have resurrected today, and the results are the same: His children lost in their own house (Matt. 15:24). His answer to it was found in His proclamation He would be “the Good Shepherd,” and that His sheep would have two responses: they would “hear His voice and follow Him.” In our modern model, where we have become a religion of teachers and students, sheep hear a lot of preaching and teaching but they see little example to follow. This leaves them lost as before. We must return to the model of shepherds and sheep operating in the community rather than teachers and students operating in temples if anything is to change.