A Heart for Men and A Calling to Shepherd

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We believe there are many good and passionate leaders in pulpits across America who sense there is something missing or wrong about the religious system they are valiantly trying to operate within. Many go in to and come out of seminary determined to “do it differently.” They start out with a good vision, spend many years in study and preparation in the fulfillment of that vision, and yet look back years later and ask, “What happened to my vision?” Trying to operate within a broken system has left many of them burnt out, frustrated, numb, and even angry over so much time and energy spent on what seems to be such a futile pursuit. This has led to many of them falling to temptation, or addicted to drugs, alcohol, or pornography, and far from the men they intended to be for God.

At The Awakened Christian Man we want to awaken all men to their fist love, and that includes shepherds to their original good visions that have been buried in the unbiblical system of revived temple worship. Michael offers counseling to these men, to restore them to the passion and vision they first knew. Having been a former pillar of the church who experienced the same frustrations they have before God opened his eyes and showed him that “new thing” He is always about, Michael can help them understand why it is not them nor their dream that is the problem, but a system that has trapped them and killed their vision. Having experienced first hand the frustration and all that goes with it, he can help them free themselves from temple worship to once again embark on the great adventure with Jesus Christ that kindled their vision and their passion in the first place.