A Heart for Men and A Calling to Shepherd

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In the summer/fall of 2015 Michael hosted a radio broadcast in Denver focusing on most of the concepts you will find on this website, in his blogs, and in his soon to be released e-book: Laodicea! [see Books page]. 26 x 20 minute teaching episodes, along with interviews of men who have awakened to the great adventure, will help any Christian man arise from the sleep of Laodicea and become a force for God in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Listen to these challenging, thought-provoking broadcasts, understand the forces gathered against men in the church, and how to awaken to the pursuit of discipleship and becoming the man God wants you to be!


In 2009 Michael found proof Jesus is alive and well in His church—still calling men out of their temples and in to their marketplaces to make disciples of them as He did over 2,000 years ago. He witnessed the first apostolic, authentic Christian community he had ever seen in a small town in central Florida. So impressed was he by what he witnessed there he produced two videos to tell the story: In Search of God’s Remnant, the trailer to the documentary The Fellowship of the Marketplace. In them you will find hope for the church in America!

This amazing community was built upon a prophecy its shepherd received in 2001: “Children, stop bickering. The church is broken. It has become a business and forgotten about Me. But I will build My church in the marketplace.” Michael witnessed the fulfillment of that prophecy over a period of five years while taking annual sabbaticals to bask in the glow of God’s remnant army. This amazing fellowship served thousands across three counties in central Florida without a house of worship, a single plate passed, or a single substantial donor. In the videos you will see interviews with many who have been forever touched by this fulfillment of a prophecy, and living example of what life must have looked like for the disciples and apostles over 2,000 years ago!

http://youtu.be/RED2Xit2ZsA – FMP Trailer [watch first]

http://youtu.be/iAiQHIzX1Zo – FMP Documentary