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***JUST RELEASED***  Praying Today’s Psalms Volume II: Worshiping God From a Thankful Heart


Like most men, Michael spent much of his early Christian years struggling to find focus, meaning, and passion in prayer. He called his problem “Mindusconstantwanderitis.” Beginning with good intentions as he began to pray, soon after he would find his mind wandering to anything but a focus on God or prayer. Then he was introduced to the concept of praying the Psalms, where he immediately felt the passion, focus, reverence, and heart for God returning to his prayers. But it was not without challenges because there were many Old Testament concepts as a Christian he could not pray. So he started replacing those former concepts with their New Testament counterparts. As Michael says, “I newtestamentized and personalized the Psalms so I could pray them.” Now these “today’s Psalms” are available to you so you can re-ignite intimacy with God in your prayer life! Find it today at Amazon.com

PRAYING TODAY’S PSALMS Volume I: Yearning for God in times of despair

9780984765560Praying the Psalms offers us a wholly unique opportunity to enter into the very presence of God, because we can join with God’s Spirit through praying His own inspired prayers. Sharing in the highs and lows of life with men determined to find answers in their somewhat unknowable God is what has made the Psalms the unique, enduring, and beloved book it has been down through the ages. Praying Today’s Psalms is a 4 book set. This is the first, focusing on the Psalm’s prayers of desperation in difficult times, published through Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. These devotionals come complete with a prayer modeled from the template of the Psalm, Mike’s thoughts to provoke your own meditations, and space for personal journaling. Restore passion, focus, heart, and integrity to your prayer life! Get these and begin to experience more intimate communion with God today! Find it today on Amazon.com

THE LOST SUPPER: Restoring Communion’s power to guide us through the storms of life

1425920470_cover.inddConnection means establishing a depth of relationship with both God and man that exceeds the superficial. Connection means coming clean with our God and our brothers in Christ through searching, honest confession—but how, and when? God has provided a way for us to accomplish this, and to find true emotional healing within the body of Christ. It’s all available at His Table. That’s right, Communion is His ultimate gift to us for rooting out sin-addictions that are paralyzing the faithful. Yet, as with so much else in the church today the grace offered at the Lord’s Table has been divorced from the command of it to make it more comfortable, and whenever grace is divorced from command God’s principles are neutralized. Communion’s divine powers to heal us personally and draw us closer together corporately have become a covering for sin and, as Paul promised, the result has been individuals and bodies that are “weak, sick, and spiritually asleep.” But the power is still there for us, and we can reconnect with it!

In this book Michael tells the story of his search for the meaning of a ceremony that once seemed lifeless to him and most others he observed in the church. Through study, trial, and error, he a group of young disciples saw miraculous transformation of lives unfold before their eyes! Of all the events Jesus participated in with His band of disciples He said of His Passover alone, “I have longed to do this with you.” Read The Lost Supper, and find out why Jesus placed such an emphasis on His Passover, and why the Bible tells us it literally contains the power of life and death. Open the gift and be a blessing to your small group. Return to the healing power of The Lord’s Table with a new understanding of how embracing the balance of grace and command in this miraculous ceremony can literally transform lives! Find it now on Amazon.com.