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Why the insanity (Part 4)

Donald Trump: God’s Flashpoint

“Do you know how to discern the appearance of the sky, but cannot discern the signs of the times?” (Matt. 16:3-4)

As I stated in the first of this series [if you haven’t read the others, they are available on this blog page and I would urge you to do so], I believe we are now living in the times Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24 when He talked about nation arising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom signaling the beginning of the birth pangs. How else do you answer the question, “Why the insanity?” as fully one-third of America’s population seems to have literally lost their minds so simultaneously and instantly? I believe what we are witnessing is the open possession of millions of people by Satan and his minions, as he realizes his time is near and it’s time for his “realm to arise.”

If you don’t believe this consider Maxine Waters, the woman many considered insane before insanity was cool, calling for Trump’s impeachment barely two days into his presidency. This is the woman who called for citizens to be harassed at restaurants and other venues to kick out of them simply because of their political beliefs. Right after one of her tirades against anyone who did not believe as she does, she said something very telling, “Our god is with us.” Only recently, Hillary Clinton has said she is considering running again, stating it is god’s purpose for her to be President. There is perhaps no one in Washington better known for selling her soul, and the country’s, for money and power any time she can. Not to mention both of these women also embrace the sexual and moral perversions that are the cornerstones of liberal Democrat policies. On these occasions two women I could not possibly disagree with more got it right. It is indeed “their god” who motivates them.

In 2016, two miraculous events occurred that were unique to say the least. First, Trump was elected President in what many considered a miraculous event given Hillary Clinton was the odds-on candidate to win, and Trump would be the first President elected in modern times with literally no political background. Second, an unprecedented number of Republican House and Senate members [approx. 50] stepped down to leave the door open to Democrats taking control of the House. Think about this: had either of these miraculous events not taken place we would not have the firestorm that has exposed the “realm on realm” warfare we now witness. When I looked at Trump’s election, I thought perhaps God had granted America a reprieve. To be honest, I really didn’t think much at all of the situation in Congress. I know many others in Christian circles still take that perspective. I now have come to believe I was wrong, about both!

If you come at it from a worldly perspective, seeing Trump’s election as God somehow giving America a second chance to repent from its decades-long slide into the moral cesspool it has become, makes sense. Though his reign could not be seen as “righteous” per se, he has done much to return the country to its original constitutional underpinnings intended by the founders, and he shows a great love for the principles America was founded upon. “Make America great again” was not just a political slogan to him and he has endured more persecution than any political figure in history by those seeking to openly destroy both him and his presidency than any politician in history has had to endure to make it happen. So, seeing him as the savior of America could be understood if looking at it through worldly eyes.

But looking through worldly eyes is not what Christians should be about. It was my research in to the differences between the kingdom of man and the kingdom of heaven on earth that led me to write this series, and the whole point of understanding there is a literal kingdom of heaven on earth we can live in demands we change our perspective from worldly to kingdom! As I have had time to watch the “signs of the times” unfold, I have come to take an entirely different perspective on Donald Trump’s presidency, one that means anything but a reprieve for America.

The other day I was at a meeting where a friend of mine gave another in our group a book entitled God’s Chaos Candidate by Lance Wallnau. I stood frozen, transfixed for a moment! Though I haven’t had time to read it, the mere title confirmed a new perspective on this subject I had been forming for the past few weeks. I don’t believe that meeting was coincidental, but that God wanted me to see that title. Think about this: from the very moment Donald Trump was elected “the insanity” we now see in fully one-third of the country began. It didn’t start slowly and then build as many political movements do. It was as if someone flipped a great switch and suddenly America became a totally different place. As mentioned before, within two days of his election and before he had a chance to propose or put in to motion any actions whatsoever, people on the left were calling for his impeachment. That drum has not stopped beating since.  

What I am saying is I now believe God miraculously intervened in the 2016 elections, not to grant America a reprieve, but to introduce the flashpoint to her, and the world, entering into those birth pangs Jesus spoke of! Liberals on the left have never been God-fearing, have always wanted to make America a socialist nation, been in favor of every kind of perversion God detests, and have always favored globalism which is what Satan will need to face the return of the King. However, fearing “coming out of the closet” would harm their political chances, they put a different front on their beliefs, choosing to take a slower approach that would yield the same results. Had Hillary won, I believe that same slow descent into moral depravity would have continued, or perhaps sped up a bit. But do you really believe we would be witnessing what we see today? Never, because honest, decent people respect elections and when their candidates lose they swallow hard and accept the results.  

With the election of Trump, the scene has literally exploded! There are now no more closet dwellers. There is no more middle of the isle. Liberal Democrats now refuse to accept the results of the election, or to vote in laws they were formerly, under anyone but Trump, in favor of just to refuse him any victories at all. Laws of the land and common decency have been shredded by the very ones [CIA and FBI] entrusted with their care. Free speech is anathema to these people, as is the Constitution itself. And, if Trump is elected again or another Supreme Court seat becomes open under Trump’s presidency, I believe we will see utter chaos in the streets if not assassinations leading to civil war.  

No, my friends, I do not believe any longer Donald Trump was installed as President by God, as are all leaders in all offices around the world (Rom. 13:1), to grant America a reprieve. Just the opposite, I have now come to believe he is truly God’s Chaos Candidate to provide the flashpoint of Matthew 24. It cannot be argued that change on a scale unimaginable before the election has taken place in the spiritual condition of America ever since. It is time for my brothers and sisters everywhere to deny any fealty at all to this world and its systems, and prepare their hearts and minds for the titanic clash we are now, and will continue to, witness as “kingdom [realm, rule, or reign] arises against kingdom!” Let us remember these are just the beginning of the birth pangs, as God hastens the end of history as we know it and the revealing of His blessed Son as King of kings and Lord of lords. Before that happens, however, we will see some very difficult times and we need to be prepared.

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