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Why the Insanity (Part 3)


 “Yet your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” (Gen. 3:16)

Much is being written and taught today concerning the “Jezebel spirit.” Jezebel, wife of Ahab king of Israel, holds the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most-evil woman in the Bible. Aside from Herodias, she of beheading John the Baptist fame, few hold a candle to Jezebel where being an unrepentant, aggressive enemy of God is concerned. What do we know about Jezebel? Aside from one mentioned in Revelations, who seems to be more symbolic than real, all references to Jezebel are found in 1st and 2nd Kings.

Jezebel was not a Jew and marrying Sidonian women was forbidden by God, especially for the king of Israel. We are told she worshipped Baal and led Ahab in to doing likewise. Due much to their partnership we read the following, “Thus Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel than all the kings of Israel who were before him.” Not a ringing endorsement for either of them. Jezebel derived her power from her relationship to the king and used that to lead her husband, and thus all Israel, into evil. Hold on to that thought.

The next thing we read about Jezebel was she “destroyed the prophets.” We are not told how many she killed, but considering Obadiah was only able to save one hundred of them, it must have been a larger number than that. Not to be mocked, God one-ups Jezebel when He sends Elijah to show up her prophets of Baal and then slay 850 of them on Mt. Carmel. When Ahab brings the bad news to Jezebel, she is defiant, sending a message to Elijah she would return the favor by killing him that day. Elijah flees and is protected from her wrath by God. Even when God showed Jezebel He was greater than her false gods in a way that could not have been clearer, she was defiant and ignored His warnings. Thought number two to hold on to.

The next insight we see into the character of this woman occurs when Ahab asks a man for a property he favors. Even though Ahab offers to pay for it, he refuses. Ahab returns to Jezebel, despondent over the man’s response. When she hears of it, she sends false witnesses to testify against him, which results in him being stoned to death. Jezebel usurped her husband’s authority and employed false witnesses when he was passive, to get him what he wanted. Thoughts number three and four to hold on to.

The remaining references to Jezebel concern God prophesying her death, with everything He says coming to pass. One of the conclusions we read about Ahab and Jezebel is, “Surely there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do evil in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife incited him.” A final thought to hold on to. In the second part of this series, I briefly discussed the curse of the daughters of Eve being a part of the Romans 1 judgements now on this world. In this part I will expound upon that premise.

Let’s review those thoughts I asked you to hold on to and compare the methods of Jezebel to those of the original woman who was lured into her curse due to a combination of Satan’s temptations and Adam’s passivity:  

  • Jezebel used her relationship to the king to enhance her own power. When the serpent approached Adam and Eve, it was Adam’s authority he wanted to destroy because it was Adam whom God gave the authority to—authority over his wife, over the church, and over creation. Without Adam present, Eve would have had no authority the Devil would have sought.
  • Jezebel was defiant and ignored God’s warnings. It was obvious from the conversation Eve and the serpent had, she and Adam had discussed the law concerning the tree, yet she was the first to defiantly ignore God’s warnings and eat.
  • Jezebel usurped her husband’s authority when he was passive. It was only because Adam was passive the curse of Eve came to the fore and she partook of the forbidden fruit. When men are passive, as most are spiritually today, the lure their wives into the “desire” to usurp their authority that is the curse of Eve.
  • Ahab sold himself to do evil in the sight of the Lord, because Jezebel his wife incited him. Here you have the Garden of Eden in a nutshell. Adam sold himself to break the one command concerning what he could not do because Eve incited him. When God found the two in the Garden and called them out, Adam said, “The woman whom You gave me to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” Paul told Timothy it was the woman who was deceived and not Adam. So, Adam’s sin was simply passivity when strength would have protected Eve from her curse and mankind from the fall.

Turning to the question I pose in the title, is there really a “Jezebel spirit,” or is this just the inherited curse of Eve? We can call it a Jezebel spirit if we want to, but what it really is, is the original curse from the original bad girl in the Bible. What we witness in Jezebel, and in society today at large, is the evil outcome of God’s curse upon Eve, which is to want to usurp man’s authority. As I have explained in earlier articles, the word “desire” in God’s judgment Eve’s “desire would be for her husband” means to want that which is not yours, or to long or desire after something you do not have. Since the Garden, women have always carried the curse to move into the position of authority God granted men. Also, since the Garden it has been men’s passivity that has opened the door to Eve’s curse.

Part of what I believe is the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy concerning what would signal the beginnings of the birth pangs of the end, “Nation arising against nation

[in the physical kingdom]

and kingdom against kingdom [literally “realm, rule, or reign against realm, rule, or reign” in the spiritual kingdom in Matt. 7]” is the arising of the curse of Eve throughout the world. The Bible is perfectly clear and completely consistent in pronouncing women are not to rule over men: not in their households, not in their church, and not in society, and yet is this not exactly what we witness today literally everywhere?

We see the curse of Eve arising in our families, as women are increasingly becoming the bread-winners and decision-makers. We see it in our churches, where women are being ordained as pastors to shepherd men. We also see it in most church programs built to cater to women and children. This is leading our temples into being comfortable, nurturing, internally-focused places rather than the externally focused, dangerous places they should be. Our pastors are catering to women because women largely determine where a family goes to church. Finally, women are teaching the vast majority of our youth in our temples, when Paul said women were not to even speak in the church [1 Cor. 14, one even I struggle with]. Jesus, One certainly not afraid to challenge religious norms, and a man who loved all His people perfectly, did not choose even one women for His band of hand-picked future church-leaders. Out of twelve, and many Apostles to arise after His death, not one.

 Finally, Eve’s “desire” is exploding in the realm of politics and secular society, where we see vocal, forceful women, both young and old, driving the effort to transform America into a globalist, socialistic tyranny where government dictates everything we do, think, and speak. Their disdain for men is clear, and their lust for power even clearer. And may I now bring up one of the thoughts I asked you to hold on to, that Jezebel used false witnesses to get what she wanted? Hmmm. False witnesses and Washington. Anyone care to ask Justice Kavanaugh about false witnesses? Can we say, “Whistle Blower?”

While we’re speaking of Whistle-Blowers, one of the reasons it is the female politicians who are leading the rebellion against the President is, like him or not, he’s a strong, assertive male. Eve’s curse demands passive males to usurp for their “desire” to be fulfilled. Trump is anything but an Ahab, and they know as long as he’s in the way they won’t realize that desire.

The day we see women ruling in Washington will be the day America, as we know it, will end. The day we see women rule in the family and in the church will be the day those institutions, as God intended, will suffer “the fall” once again [already seeing that]. Who led the charge for homosexual unions now being defined as families? Who is leading the charge in Washington to radically turn America to socialism? And how is it our schools and universities have been overtaken by those who want the same thing? The gender divide amongst teachers in our public schools is wide and growing wider all the time.

It may seem like I’m a sexist, or I don’t like women. Not true. I’ve been happily married for almost 40 years and have many female friends in my life. Most certainly, men have made their share of errors over the years through either abusing or abandoning the authority God gave them, and that is what has led us to this point. Regardless of the mistakes men have made, women were never intended to lead them, society, or the church. This isn’t my opinion, it is God’s Word. I encourage women to work if they want to, write books, blogs, and speak into the lives of their children and other women. But shepherd men? Absolutely not. Rule over society? Ditto, and men who allow that are just encouraging the curse of Eve to ruin both of them. Neither party like who they become when the roles reverse, because deep inside they know they are living in their curse. I’m not talking about Tarzan and Jane here. Paul made it clear husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church. Daughters of Eve will gladly follow godly, strong sons of Adam, for if he remains in his strength, she is allowed to flourish in hers.

Eve is demanding her power, which she was drawn into by all the sons of Adam being ungodly, abusive, and passive when they should have been godly and strong. Once she tastes of her curse, it is hard to restrain her, and in secular society this is even more pronounced. As I stated in the first of this series, it can be easily displayed through a study of Scripture the current liberal wing of the Democrat party has become possessed by Satan himself as “realm arises against realm” in these last days of earth as we know it. Why the insanity, many ask? Realm arising against realm, the beginning of the birth pangs, and the curse of Eve arising so suddenly and with such force is one of many ever-increasing evidences of that fact.   00000000

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