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Why the Insanity? (Part 1)

“Unhinged! Crazy! Insane! How could people speak and act like this?” are all comments we are hearing from conservatives and their pundits as they grasp for words to describe the increasingly radical behavior of the left these days. The sudden and overwhelming turn the Democrat party has taken towards patently evil behavior is undeniable, as evidenced in recent third-term abortion legislation, the Kavanaugh hearings, the utter hysteria and refusal to accept the outcome of an election that has not stopped since Trump became President, officials and their families publicly harassed and threatened for simply disagreeing, college students holding violent riots against speakers with conservative viewpoints, and even attempted assassinations.

No one could possibly employ rational thinking to understand what is transpiring so suddenly to approximately a third of America’s population. When Trump was elected it was like someone flipped a switch and the Democrats completely lost their minds. Conservative pundits try to describe it as some sort of psychosis, and while for a few people it may be true, that explanation just doesn’t hold water when you consider the numbers involved and the sudden and simultaneous nature of the transformation we are witnessing.

Our attempts to understand it from a mental perspective fail, because it can’t be explained from a worldly standpoint. There is no logical answer for so many acting so irrationally, and so simultaneously, apart from spiritual or “religious” influence. Where is the evidence of this? To begin to understand these times in which we live, we must understand what Jesus said in Matthew 24, where He prophesied “nation will arise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” The Greek word for “nation” here means literally “nations or peoples.” The word for “kingdom,” however, is “a realm, a reign, or a rule.” It is the same word Jesus uses throughout the Gospels to describe the kingdom of heaven He brought to earth. While there are many nations on this planet, there are only two “realms”: His kingdom that should rule over those who follow Him and Satan’s kingdom of darkness that rules the affairs of the secular world. I believe what we’re witnessing is these two kingdoms “arising” against one another in unprecedented measure, as Jesus prophesied. He went on to say this would “mark the beginning of the birth pangs.”

Do not misunderstand, I don’t care what nations and their politicians do for my kingdom resides under “the government founded upon His shoulders” (Isa. 9:6). Jesus explained to Pilate His kingdom was “not of this realm” and I believe Christians should spend far less of their time worrying about it. Nonetheless, He did tell us to read the signs of the times to be wary of where the world and history are heading, and there is nowhere better to do that than events that have transpired in Washington since the 2016 elections.

How does the Bible so clearly explain what’s going on? To begin, it’s a documented fact the vast majority of liberals do not believe in God, and most conservatives do profess belief. God put within us all the need to recognize a “higher power” in life, so we all believe in something. If you have no belief in God, what is the next-highest authority but government? When Satan tempted Jesus in the desert, his final temptation—his “big gun”—was this: “The devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said to Him, ‘All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me’” (Matt. 4). When Jesus said “no” to this one, Satan gave up. Why? it’s all he has to offer. It’s the offering of his highest power, and that is what the secular world embraces as their god.

This explains the hatred now being manifested for conservatives. It also explains why the liberals refuse to accept the nominations of those “not of their realm” to the highest political positions in the world. To liberals, anybody but them sitting in seats of political power is akin to telling believers Jesus is not on the throne of heaven. Think of this, if someone tells you God is not God and there is a higher power that will determine your fate, would you believe it? Would you accept it? Their god has been captured, and they will continue to seek to change that with religious fervency.

Win or lose political battles, belief in the God of the Bible as their higher power prohibits conservatives from engaging in any of the sort of the conduct we are witnessing from the left. However, when your highest power is man, the sort of outrageous conduct we have seen from the left becomes not only justifiable, but mandatory. And for liberals, politics is their highest seat of power and therefore their religion. Satan’s kingdom embraces no standards, other than the ever-changing tides of culture. Therefore, “the world and its glory” has none either. There is no power on earth, for good or evil, that faintly approaches the fervency and conviction of religious faith. Mental illness does not even faintly approach it.

True believers in God are regularly martyred rather than deny their beliefs. Seeing those who do not believe as they do in power is fostering the same sort of zealousness in liberals today, resulting in the crazed conduct and thinking being displayed by them. Everything that is happening with the left and their Puppet-master can be fully explained from a biblical perspective, and only there. To review, and then compare, what liberals have become increasingly about:

  • Deception: liberals not only deceive but are also self-deceived. Why the insanity? Simple, reality and logic don’t apply. Satan’s very nature was revealed from the beginning to be self-deception when he, God’s most beautiful angel (2 Cor. 11:14), believed he could “ascend to the heights to be like Him” (Isa. 14:12-14). Though it is illogical for the created to usurp the very authority and position of that which created it, he deceived himself into believing he could. He is therefore self-deceived and is referred to in the Bible as “the deceiver.”
  • Lawlessness: liberals know the laws but pick and choose with impunity within their party the ones they want to keep or break. In Matthew 24, Jesus promises us during this time “lawlessness will increase,” and in 2 Thessalonians 8, the Anti-Christ is referred to as “the lawless one.” What we are seeing now is the beginning of the move towards total lawlessness in man’s kingdom.
  • Stealing, killing, and destroying: liberals have tried to steal back elections of those in opposition by destroying their reputations, families, and lives, regardless of any collateral damage done in the process. Now, they are trying to do away with the electoral college system and install a popular vote system because Trump lost the popular vote and won via the electoral college. What’s truly frightening is what remains if stealing and destroying fail? Killing! If Trump wins the 2020 election, or if he is presented with the appointment of one more Supreme Court nominee, I fear greatly for his life. These people are who they are because their master is who he is. Whatever it takes to win, that they do. This is not to mention their cause-celeb of killing babies, which has sunk to new and frightening lows with recent late-term abortion votes. The Bible describes Satan as the one who comes to “steal, kill, and destroy.”
  • Lying: Liberals manipulate and coerce through lies they proudly and continually spout. Once again, the Bible nails this when it refers to Satan as “A liar and the father of lies.”
  • Anger/rage: Liberals are constantly angry, having nothing positive to offer. The Bible warns, “Do not let the sun go down on your anger,” and then tells us the consequences of it, “And do not give the Devil an opportunity.” Revelations 12 says Satan, “the Dragon of heaven,” will be “thrown down to earth” in great rage.
  • No shame: liberals across the spectrum, when confronted by their lies and lawless behavior, show absolutely no contrition at all. Perhaps the best example of this is the liberal press, or “fake news” as Trump has called them. When confronted with the lack of true “journalistic objectivity” they show in their biased reporting, and even cheering on liberals in Washington, they show not a hint of remorse. Nor do they retract any of their false reports when they are proven to be false. Paul says of this the “enemies of the Cross of Christ…glory in their shame” (Phil. 3). Zephaniah tells us while “the Lord is righteous and does no injustice…the unjust know no shame” (Zeph. 3). This goes back to Satan’s children “deceiving and being deceived.” Satan blinds them to any truth at all, just the lies he is forwarding.
  • Accusing/litigating: What truly opened my eyes as to the cause of the insanity we are now facing was the liberal’s use accusation and legal action to try to achieve their goals. Once more, in Revelations 12 Satan is referred to as “the accuser.” To do this, they put forth “false witnesses” to tell lies about those they wish to bring down. In Matthew 26, the San Hedrin put forth many false witnesses against Jesus at His Kangaroo court to seal His fate, and in Acts 6, they did likewise to Paul when accusing him of speaking out against the temple.

This last one is the one that reveals the truly spiritual nature of what we now see transpiring, this description of Satan as “the accuser of our brethren that has been thrown down, he who accuses them before our God day and night.” “Accuser” in the Greek literally means, “a complaint at law against one in the assembly.” If this doesn’t describe perfectly the methods the left has employed against Trump, and anyone else allied with him, from the moment they take seats of power I don’t know what does! The Democrats have engaged in, and now promise, unending investigations in to Trump and even impeachment. We witnessed this accusation tactic reach its apex in the Russia hoax, the recent fight over Kavanauagh’s confirmation and, when those failed, we now have the “Whistleblower” affair. If these accusations fail, trust me, they’ll find something else because accusing is the stock and trade of their Puppet-Master.

Furthermore, who do they employ to confirm their accusations? False witnesses! Matthew 26 tells us during Jesus’ Kangaroo Court before the Pharisees where He was accused of blasphemy, “many false witnesses came forward.” This was a fact confirmed by Stephen in Acts 6 during his anointed defense of the Gospel. Trump has faced a constant litany of false witnesses put forth by Democrat leadership ever since he was elected, not to mention the many brought forth in the Kavanaugh confirmation. If their current batch of accusations fail, trust me, they’ll find something else because accusing is the stock and trade of their Puppet-Master, and there are many in Satan’s party who are more than willing to be false witnesses. Democrat congresswomen are already promising to impeach Trump again if he wins in 2020. 

While we’re discussing courts, the Supreme Court is the Holy Grail of the left. Without the courts on their side, the left loses their primary way to enact their agenda. The Supreme Court, above any other office, is the highest power in the land. Single judges can strike down the will of the people of an entire state, or the President, with the stroke of a pen. What makes the Presidency, and who holds it, so dangerous to liberals is it is he who appoints judges to the highest courts in the land. They cannot stomach the idea of someone who does not believe as they do appointing their “gods.” We haven’t seen anything from the left compared to what we will witness if another Supreme Court seat becomes available during Trump’s reign. I believe it will bring about violence in most of the liberal large cities across America.

To summarize, the Democrat party has become totally lawless, they spread deception and lies, they are not only deceivers but are themselves deceived, they are full of rage and bitterness, they kill, steal, and destroy with impunity, are utterly shameless, and their methodology is accusation and prosecution. This is all happening on a mass scale across many spectrums of society and it came upon us in the twinkling of an eye, with the 2016 elections.

That the Bible precisely describes the spirit and mentality of what we are witnessing as being so clearly of Satan is no coincidence. Could this be the time Jesus foretold of where “realm is arising against realm, and the Dragon of Heaven has been thrown down?” That conclusion makes far more sense than anything conservatives or their pundits are coming up with. People attempting vainly to understand what is going on via worldly perspectives will continue to flounder, because it can’t be explained in those terms. This is the possession by the powers of darkness of an entire population of people whose true hatred is for God and whoever believes in Him, along with anything good or pure standing in the way of their lust for control.

And the sad truth for America? They are going to win. Eventually, slowly, but they will win because they care more about the world than those of faith and conscience do. Also, they virtually own the educational system and the young people within it will grow up to be the majority of the voting population. Liberals can fight dirty and can continue to employ the evil tactics we now see, while anyone with any semblance of belief in God simply cannot. Rules and laws mean nothing to those on the left and everything to those of conscience and faith.

Furthermore, the world is not in the hands of their master. As mentioned before, Jesus final temptation in the desert was to be offered “all the kingdoms of the world and their glory” by the one who rules it. In several other places Jesus calls Satan “the ruler of this world.” The glory of this world is what Satan has to offer, and what John told us to reject (1 John 2:16). You cannot offer what you do not rule over, and God told us to reject it. Furthermore, He did not want us concerning ourselves with worldly matters (2 Tim. 2:3). We are to live for the kingdom of heaven, as He did. Satan is the current lease-holder of this world, and therefore controls it. Jesus will come back to reclaim it, but until then the insanity will continue to increase as Satan senses his time growing short. So, they will eventually win.

What then are we to do with “the insanity?” Not worry about it, knowing it is inevitable and a precursor for the return of the King of kings and Lord of Lords! There is no political bandage to this wound, and in fact those who try to mix Christianity with politics in this time will fall to the enemy’s deceptions. In 2nd Timothy, Paul sums up well the conclusion to this matter when he says, “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.” We will suffer in what is to come, but it must not deter us from our mission in the kingdom. We need to be about seeking and saving the lost, and even moreso about discipling the found to be able to withstand the onslaught headed our way. We need, more than ever, to live for that kingdom Jesus brought to earth, and reject “all that is in the world.”


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