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Psalm 118 Part IV: Standing in the Temple

 “Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord. The Lord who made heaven and earth

bless you from Zion!” (Ps 134:2-3)

 “Praise Him, O you servants of the Lord! You who stand in the house of the Lord—in the courts of the house of our God.” (Ps 135:1-2)

Picking up where we left off on the Song of Ascents, we come to Psalm 132 [2032?] with a constantly continuing theme echoing through the rest of these 15 Psalms: the Jews traveling to the new temple in Jerusalem! It has been truly exciting seeing this scenario coming together, beginning with a vision inspired by the late J.R. Church in his book, Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms, where he claimed the Psalms were prophecies coinciding to the 1900’s [Psalm 1 representing 1901, Psalm 2 1902, etc.]. Given that frame of reference:

  • 2018 [Psalm 118] is the year of a great war in the Middle East, allowing the Jews to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem by removing any opposition. Along with this, God pours out His Spirit upon His original covenant people, the ones Paul referred to as “the branches in to which we were grafted” in Romans 11.
  • 2019 is the year the Jews, like most of us immediately after our conversions, spend saturating themselves in the Word.
  • 2020-2034 [Psalms 120-134] represent the Song of Ascents which mark the return of the Jews from around the globe to Israel’s new “expanded borders,” the rebuilding of the temple, and the reappearance of the glory of God on Zion!

Psalm 132 begins with Israel proclaiming they will not sleep until they find a dwelling place for God. It goes on to express a desire to go into His tabernacle and worship at His footstool. Then, there is a prayer for God to arise to His resting place where the ark is, and to let His priests be clothed with righteousness, along with His promise to do so. It is no secret most of the temple artifacts, including the priestly garments, have already been remade and are in storage in Jerusalem awaiting the rebuilding of the temple.

Then comes the knockout punch for the anti-Zionists who claim God will not return to Jerusalem or gather His people there: “The Lord has sworn to David a truth from which He will not turn back: ‘Of the fruit of your body I will set upon your throne. If your sons will keep My covenant and My testimony which I will teach them, their sons also shall sit upon your throne forever.’ For the Lord has chosen Zion. He has desired it for His habitation. ‘This is My resting place forever. Here I will dwell, for I have desired it.’” Forever means just that: forever! The Bible says there will be a day when the earth will be destroyed, and the new heaven and earth will supplant it. But at that time “forever” for the earth shall end.

The Bible also speaks of “a new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven,” so perhaps there will be a temple God dwells in there as well. Until then, anyway, it seems God will have a throne in Zion. It seems natural that the time of this re-visitation would be upon the completion of the temple. Will the Anti-Christ temporarily set up shop there? It would seem so, but it will be temporary. Then he will be dispatched to the eternal fire along with his master.

In Psalm 133 we find reference to brothers dwelling in unity. I believe the most prevalent move of God today in preparing us for what Psalms tell us is to come is a bringing together of His original branches of Romans 11, and His new branches grafted in.  Pastors by the hundreds have been meeting with Rabbis in Jerusalem for the past few years now, and evangelical groups have been preaching Jesus in the streets there. Just a couple of years ago, Promise Keepers sent 365 pastors and their spouses to Israel to do just that, and recently I met personally with a group of Messianic Jews from Europe who were going there to witness in the streets.

Meanwhile, the opening of an embassy there by a country of Gentiles founded upon Christian precepts is being celebrated! All this was something thought impossible just five years ago. I believe after the outpouring of the Spirit on the Jews we will see gentile and Jew fellowshipping together in God’s new temple in Jerusalem. Finally, in this Psalm, we see the idea of eternal life in the last verse as the Lord’s “commanded blessing.” Would God not see to the keeping of His own command?

Lastly, in Psalm 134 [2034] and 135, we see the idea of the temple completed again, with servants of God serving there, people lifting up their hands to Him in the sanctuary, receiving blessing “from Zion.” The beginning of Psalm 135 states, “Praise Him, O servants of the Lord, you who stand in the house of the Lord and in the courts of the house of our God!” One thing that will be interesting [understatement of all time] to see is exactly how God manifests Himself to men in the temple after this time. Will we be able to see His face, view His glory, or what? Will that honor be reserved for the sons of Levi as before? Chomp on that one for a while. I’d love to hear feedback here because I don’t have a clue.

If this is all mere coincidence, it’s the greatest set of coincidences of all: anywhere, anytime. As I have repeatedly stated, I am no prophet. Perhaps 2018 doesn’t mark the year it begins, and Mr. Church was incorrect. But regardless, I don’t see how this entire scenario plays out in such perfect order as it does here in the Psalms if it is not going to be so, and I do believe given world events it will be soon. If this is all just somehow “happen-stance,” please explain it to me. As I’ve said before, time will tell, but the prospects are certainly exciting!

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