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Mike’s Blog: The Battle is God’s

Many are asking, and or debating, how we should prepare ourselves to face the onslaught of evil, deception, and persecution so many know is coming. A story in 2 Chronicles 20 speaks very plainly to this concern, and fits perfectly within the context of all scripture. Not only does it provide answers for dire crisis’s we may face but of any occasion, big or small, where we find ourselves confused as to how to handle the attacks of the enemy.

In this story we find King Jehoshaphat and his nation of Judah facing insurmountable odds, as they are about to be attacked by three allied kingdoms. The king’s first response should also be ours: “Jehoshaphat was afraid, and turned his attention to seek the Lord. He proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah.” The first response of the spiritual man is always to bring the battle out of the kingdom of flesh, where it is waged in Satan’s realm, and deliver it to the kingdom of heaven (Eph. 6:12) where it is waged in God’s realm. His next response is to gather all Judah to offer a prayer to the Lord, in which he admits the fears of himself and his people, and also that they have no answers in the kingdom of flesh: “O our God, will You not judge them? For we are powerless before this great multitude who are coming against us, nor do we know what to do.” While the king acknowledges their weaknesses, he knows exactly where to go and what to do to more than compensate: “But our eyes are on You.” This is the answer! It is always and only the answer when people operating in the Spirit face overwhelming odds from those operating in the flesh.

A prophet of God then speaks, reveling God’s response to the wisdom of Jehoshaphat’s wisdom and faith: “Listen, all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and King Jehoshaphat: thus says the Lord to you, ‘Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s. Tomorrow go down against them…You need not fight in this battle, but station yourselves and stand and see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf.’” The Lord then causes all the armies arrayed against Judah to turn on each other, utterly destroying each other without one Judean sword being drawn.

This is how kingdom saints fight. This is the protection they trust in, not the weaponry of the world. The Scriptures promise “those who take up the sword shall [must] perish by it” (Matt. 26:52, Rev. 13:10). Those who try to fight flesh with flesh, or ally themselves with others who do so, will forfeit the protection those who stand by prayer and faith will enjoy. Avoid “preppers” who think they can live in a hole in the ground, store up goods, take up arms, fight flesh with flesh, and be safe. I’m not saying don’t take reasonable steps to prepare for living off the grid. What I am saying is we’re to be pray-ers, not preppers—certainly not fighters.

There is only one real enemy we need to prepare for, and there will be only one protection that will thwart him. Satan will come with overwhelming force in the flesh, along with the considerable abilities to deceive he has always been granted and more. However, Satan has no power that has not been granted him by God. This world is on lease to him, but spiritually there is no lease on us unless we give it to him. To those under God’s protection no authority will be granted to him. The kingdom saints will stand a much greater chance of remaining in Satan’s blind spots if they take Jehoshaphat’s path. Anyone, on the other hand, who raises his head above the cover of God’s protection by taking up worldly weapons and moving in to the kingdom of the flesh will be instantly identified and, with great ease, picked off.

Will we stand by faith and prayer, as the people of Judah did, or take up arms and be destroyed? Have nothing to do with “Christians” operating in the flesh, lest you forfeit the protection God offers your “kingdom” such as that which He offered Judah. He parted the waters to protect Israel from the overwhelming army of Egypt. He kept His servants from the overwhelming heat in the fiery furnace. He saved a servant boy from the strength of Goliath, who had overwhelmed an entire army of Israelites trusting in their spears and armor. God did all of the amazing acts of Hebrews 11 for His saints. And why? “They confessed that they were strangers and aliens on this earth…They desired a better country: a heavenly one.” They desired the kingdom of heaven on earth that had not come yet, but now has become available to anyone who cares to seek it. Can He not protect us [and granted, some are marked for martyrdom]? If we believe He can, and we can walk in His kingdom. Believe and live, or fight by the world’s methods and perish.

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