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All Authority!

“For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.”  (Rom 13:1-3)

Christians who fight so hard to moralize America through politics struggle with this verse, for if they truly believed it they would have to admit every one of them throughout history: good, bad, and evil were installed by God. If they believed that they would have to stop worrying so, and spending so much time and energy fighting for or against candidates and laws of men, and focus on other things. But each election season CPA’s [Ctn political activists] prove by their actions they don’t believe Romans 13.  Jesus lived as though He believed it. He knew He was a King of a realm not of this earth. He knew men like Herod, Pilate, Felix, and Agrippa, like Him were “authority,” and thus “established by God” so He never fought the decisions of any of them.

Jesus understood clearly there were two kingdoms established by God on earth, with governments established for each. Knowing greater was the Father and Spirit who was in Him than the one who was ruling in the world, Jesus knew no matter the appearance of what God was doing in the kingdom of man it would inevitably work out to the benefit of the kingdom He both served and established. Because He understood His Father was in control of ALL authority, not just that which appeared righteous on earth, He did not oppose Rome, and ignored the political activists of His day [the temple leaders who knew they had to go to Pilate because their laws prohibited them from killing Him]. Jesus knew He could “summon 12 legions of angels” to His defense, yet He did not. As one “destined for captivity, to captivity He went.” He did not “kill with the sword,” as Peter tried to do by cutting off the slave’s ear, for He knew “those who killed with the sword must, by the sword, be killed” (Rev. 13:10). Because of this we have the cross, salvation, and the promise of eternal life. Had He “opposed authority” on the basis of it appearing to violate God’s laws, we would still be “dead in trespasses and sins.”


The result of Jesus’ fealty to the kingdom of heaven He came to bring to earth was from the greatest evil ever perpetrated in the kingdom of man, sprung the greatest good ever loosed in the spiritual realm! I believe it will be so again, as we are about to enter in to a time of such evil as we have never before seen. Will there be suffering? Absolutely. Will there be saints “destined for captivity?” Will it appear there will be all manners of unjust actions in the kingdom of man? Certainly. Some will even be martyred for their testimony. Nonetheless, the fields will be shining white for harvest, and opportunities for the Gospel—the real Gospel and not the watered-down versions of modern Christendom, will be presented such as we could not have previously imagined! Christians, for so many years left segregated from one another via the lures of the flesh, will be forced in to community—not church on Sunday community, but Acts 2 community! We will finally see David’s words in Psalm 133:1-3 come to life: “brothers dwelling in unity…and the Lord commanding His blessing.” How exciting!

As our worldly foundations crumble, the financial security we have idolized turns to dust, and our politicians run out of ways to twist the truth about where this world is headed, people will be looking for spiritual answers. As the kingdom of man crumbles, people will at last be open to the kingdom of heaven, and the saints of God will be there to “strengthen that which remains.” We will witness power and provision from God that will blow away any current paradigms, as with the cross what appears to be great evil in the world will bring forth great fruit for the kingdom. And so, while my flesh may shudder at the thought of what’s coming, my spirit desires to see it as Simeon desired to see the circumcision of the Christ child!

We are seeing Paul words, “And just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper” (Rom. 1), fulfilled before our eyes. God is using every political leader in office throughout the world to accomplish His purposes for earth. The evil we see spiraling out of control in the kingdom of man in America is no surprise to Him, has been allowed by Him in answer to our desires, and I would be so bold as to say is being advanced by Him in judgment of our refusal to repent (Isa. 45:7). Therefore, fighting the authorities God has placed in office in accordance with our desires, and His plan, is “opposing the ordinance of God.” Those who do it need to read the rest of that passage, and think long and hard about changing perspectives.

Stop worrying about what is happening in the kingdom of man, and get on board with what’s happening in the kingdom of heaven on earth. Turn from anger, frustration, and confusion to peace and righteous purpose. His kingdom is where the One in charge of ALL authority rules, and the only one you will find safety in during the days of evil to come. No government will save you then. No politician will have an answer, or be able to spin the judgment for you when it comes. There was a group of men who contributed to a very special book in the Bible. They were warriors who knew conflict, political unrest, persecution, bloodshed, and suffering such as we can’t imagine. Forty-one times in the Psalms these men called God their refuge. In that same book they speak of Him 21 times as their hope.

Stop putting your hope in counterfeits. Stop thinking their answers and handouts will be your refuge. There is only one hope and refuge, and He’s waiting for all His prodigals to stop eating pods with the swine and come home. Come home.

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