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Brief Thoughts: Finding spiritual gifts

“My gifts are activated as you use them.” 

Glynda Linkous

“Seek, and ye shall find.” (Matt 7:7)


I see so many classes on discovering your spiritual gifts. I hear so many saying they don’t know what their spiritual gift is, who are waiting for God to show it to them. When we want to find something what do we do? We walk around intentionally looking for it, thinking of nothing else until we find it, right? If you want to find your spiritual gift get up, go for a faith walk, be obedient to the commandments in His Word to minister to your neighbor, and lay aside all other lesser pursuits until you do.


Your spiritual gift will not be found in the pages of a book because it is not exercised there. True giftedness is only found as it is required to be used to God’s glory. It is found only during the process of the journey Jesus bid us all to when He said, “Follow Me.”

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