A Heart for Men and A Calling to Shepherd

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The Awakened Christian Man exists to enlighten and awaken the men in the pews across America and engage them in the great adventure of the Christian faith.

Our Mission Statement

To awaken Christian men who, due to a combination of their inherited curse and the forces gathered against them, are asleep when they should be quickened, bored when they should be full of excitement, and standing when they should be running. We exist to find them, call them out of their slumber, and reintroduce them to the great adventure of the Christian faith!

To awaken the Christian Man 

The Way to Live and the Path to it

The way to live that awakens men to focus, passion, and mission is found in the most famous prayer of all: The Lord's Prayer. In these five simple concepts we find so much more than a prayer to pray, but a way to live! The way to that life is through the discipleship model Jesus both taught and lived found in the first 17 verses of John 15, "Abiding in Him and bearing fruit."

The Lord's Prayer [the life] and John 15 [the path] 

Mike's Voice in the Wilderness Radio Broadcast Podcasts

From his Voice in the Wilderness radio broadcast, in these 25 minute podcasts men can find the entire message of The Awakened Christian Man ministry, along with interviews of every-day men who discovered the great adventure of the Christian faith, and now are living it out daily in their families, their communities, and their world.

Listen to the entire Awakened Christian Man message 

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Why We Exist

That Jesus will make us men who are productive and passionate citizens of the kingdom of heaven on earth!